Police step up on operations

With the rise in attempted robbery in Port Moresby in recent days, the Commissioner of Police David Manning has warned criminals not to make misguided assumptions and break the law.

With the Parliament sitting underway for the next weeks, Commissioner Manning said Police presence is higher than normal right now, so this is a warning to criminals not to break the law because they will be caught, arrested, and face the law.

There is an increased number of Police, investigators, and intelligence units on the ground to actively track criminal activities.

He said this also includes the monitoring of the misuse of social media and communications platforms to identify and interdict those who commit technology-enabled crimes, sow discord or incite acts of violence.

"There have been a small number of cases involving attempting break-and-enters and robberies in recent days, where criminals have assumed the attention of police is elsewhere. These criminals could not be more wrong,” Manning said.

He said communities deserve to be able to go about their daily business without unscrupulous individuals seeking to spread misinformation, sow discord, or take unfair advantage of the public.

“Operational plans are in place for the upcoming Parliamentary session, and the Police Force is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for our communities to go about their daily lives and our political leaders to go about their business,” he said.

Commissioner Manning called on the members of the public to maintain vigilance and report any suspicious activities.  

Loop Author