Police Policing Re-established

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary’s (RPNGC) Policing the Police Task Force has been re-established due to the ever-increasing instances of police assaults, brutality and illegal conduct.

Commissioner of Police, David Manning announced this on Friday, 3 September, 2021.

“I have decided to re-establish the Policing the Police Task Force Team to immediately investigate and take disciplinary and criminal action against members of the Police Force.

“The Policing the Police Task Force Team or PPTFT for short will come directly under the Office of the Commissioner of Police and will be headed by Director Internal Affairs Superintendent Alpha Emil as Operations Commander.

“He will be assisted by Inspector Apollos Terry as Deputy Operations Commander. A team of police investigators, both from CID and Internal affairs, with support units from the Public Safety and Special Services Division will make up this team. They will be given set terms of reference and three months to clean-up NCD. Following that, the concept will be rolled out into other provinces as well,” the Commissioner explained.

Commissioner Manning added that the PPTFT would bring to life the “one strike you are out” policy for members of the Constabulary. 

“For far too long criminals have been hiding within the force in police uniform. The PPTFT will flush them out and if warranted, prosecute and send them to jail. Of course the system will be fair and members alleged to have come into conflict with the law will be given all opportunities to defend themselves.

“Details of the PPTFT including contact details and office location will be published soon in the media for members of the public to call, WhatsApp or email to register their complaints,” Manning added.

The Commissioner assured all members of the public that all complaints would be investigated and swift action taken. 

He stressed, “For and in the interest of national security policemen who are ill-disciplined or have committed criminal offences should be immediately removed from the Constabulary and sent to jail.

Melissa Wokasup