Police partnership to continue with Australia

The Australia-PNG Policing Partnership program will continue in the country.

The announcement follows a meeting between Australian High Commissioner, Bruce Davies, and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

"The contingent of 73 AFP will continue both in their current roles of helping to enhance Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary capacity, and in support of APEC planning. While we have seen challenges in the delivery of this program, we have also seen positive outcomes, particularly in areas such as police station arrest processing procedures," O'Neill said.

"Our biggest concern, as it is for any APEC meeting, is security. Every APEC year is a joint security operation between the host and visiting countries, and our year will be no different. Threats to APEC meetings can come from a range of sources and, as APEC host, we must be ready.”

A wide range of issues, including policing, APEC 2018 planning, ongoing security capacity building, issues over the Manus Regional Processing Centre and health issues were discussed.

O’Neill thanked Australia for its ongoing support to Papua New Guinea's plans to host APEC in 2018.

He said policing and Defence co-operation is an important part of APEC planning and ongoing security capacity building.

Cedric Patjole