Police operation underway at Pomio

A weeklong police operation is underway in the Sinivit LLG of Pomio District, East New Britain Province, following continuous criminal activities by youths in the community over the past 3 months.

LLG President Boniface Gerep said the police operation began last Saturday and this whole week is a grace period where parents and guardians of the identified youths are encouraged to bring in the suspects to authorities.

“Some houses were torched last Saturday at the Nukumal Plantation within Laup Ward, after villagers were frustrated by the continuous criminal activities in the area, especially armed hold ups on traveling PMVs on the road. Last Friday alone, there were a total of 5 hold ups on PMVs,” he stated.

On Monday morning, a number of roadblocks were set up by villagers however, police advised them to remove the barricades as they were causing inconvenience to the travelling public.

An urgent LLG Assembly was held the same day, where K10,000 was approved to assist the police operation this week.

The police operation is being led by the host, Warangoi Rural Police, and aided by two police units from Kokopo District.

So far, two suspects have been captured while there are reports of some suspects wanting to voluntarily surrender at Laup Ward, as of yesterday (Tuesday 21st February).

Press Release