Police officers who abuse partners will be dismissed: Commissioner

Police men and women who abuse their wives or husbands will be dismissed from the Police Force, says the Commissioner of Police, David Manning.

Manning said collectively as an organisation, the Police Force has recorded a large number of cases of domestic violence which must be addressed now.

“We cannot go out and pretend to solve problems within the community if our members are actually abusing our wives within our own homes in the police barracks,” Manning stated.

Manning said family violence in Papua New Guinea has been classed as an emergency by Human Rights Watch. He said according to the Human Rights Watch report in 2015 titled “Bashed Up: Family Violence in PNG”, women across the country are enduring brutal attacks from their partners, as often officials such as police neglect survivors’ needs for safety, services and justice.

“When policemen are also abusing their wives, their responses to female victims who come to the police station are that this is a family problem and that they should go home and sort the matter out with their husband. But this should not be the case.

“When a victim of family and sexual violence fronts up at the station to report the matter we are duty-bound to take their complaint and ensure that they are protected in the first instance and secondly, the abuser is arrested and charged.

“Under my watch there will be no double standards. A policeman who abuses his wife will be charged criminally and administratively, he will be dismissed from the Constabulary,” Manning stressed.

Commissioner Manning has also warned commanders to take an interest in and be aware of their policemen’s conduct, both on and off-duty.

“If for some reason commanders fail to take action on their members who abuse their wives then they will be dealt with as well.

“So in the spirit of Christmas, I call upon every member of the police force to pause for a moment and reflect upon their lives and make a commitment to change for the better to become good husbands, committed fathers, and ultimately better police officers.

“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

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