Police officer arrested for allegedly stealing

A police constable attached at the Hohola Police station is facing three charges in court after he was arrested last year for allegedly stealing money while acting as a mediator between a lender and borrower.

The officer, 35-year-old Kosinto Etora from Ke-efa village, Okapa, Eastern Highlands province was arrested on Dec 21, 2016 after an internal police investigation was carried out on his conduct.

He was charged with perjury for lying to the Port Moresby District Court under oath, Stealing K7000 whilst employed in the Public Service and abusing the authority of his office by putting K7, 000 he received as a mediator to his own use.

He appeared at the Committal Court on Thursday before magistrate Mekeo Gauli where his charges were read and explained to him before his case was adjourned to Feb 6.

It is alleged that on Sept 20, 2016, Etora appeared at Port Moresby District Court in a Civil proceeding between Janet Nelson and Stanley Korekami and filed sworn evidence regarding the proceeding.

He stated in the affidavit under oath that Korekami did not repay the K7,000 debt to Nelson when he received the money 11 days prior and put money to own use.  He allegedly stated that Stanley failed to repay the monies when he actually received the money and converted the money to his own use.

The court issued a summons for Korekami and it was later made known that Etora lied to court that he did not receive any payment. Police arrested and charged him for perjury.

It is also alleged that between Sept 9 -20, 2016 while employed with Police Department, he stole K7,000 which came into possession during his employment.  Here he was charged with Stealing.

It is further alleged that on Sept 9, 2016, while a policeman abused authority of office by receiving K7,000 from Korekami instead of giving to Janet Nelson.

Facts before court state that on July 20, 2016, Etora acted as a mediator in a civil complaint between the two people over money at the Hohola Police station.

 A deed of agreement was signed by the lender, Janet Nelson and the borrower, Stanley Korekami which said Korekami will report to Etora as the mediator at the police station and repay a total sum of K17,000.

This deed was agreed and signed by both parties and had the RPNGC seal stamp on it for the repayment of unpaid debts which dated back to Aug 2015.

K7,000 was given to Etora on Sept 9,2016 by Korekami to Etora in the presence of two other people at the Parliament House premises, however that money was allegedly put to another use.


Sally Pokiton