Police officer’s son behind Macdonald’s alleged assault: Minister

APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko revealed that a police officer’s son was the man behind the alleged assault of PNG LNG Kumuls player, Nene Macdonald.

The Minister labeled the Lamana Gold Club incident a ‘total disgrace’.

He said Macdonald is a rising star who recently signed a three-year contract with the North Queensland Cowboys.

Tkatchenko stated that PNG is proud of the 24-year-old, who went out on Saturday with fellow teammates to unwind after their victory against the England Knights but instead, allegedly had a glass smashed on his head.

“You know, Papua New Guineans need to look at their attitudes and look at what they’re doing,” said Minister Tkatchenko.

“This jealousy and drunkenness and all the rest, we need to really stop this rubbish.

“We’re doing so well and then we’ve got one individual spoiling it for the rest of us.”

Minister Tkatchenko says it reflects badly on PNG when one of our own NRL champions refuses to wear the Kumul jersey because of an unacceptable incident.

He said the offender has been identified and police will do their work to ensure the law takes its course.

(APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko)

Carmella Gware