Police must arrest MP involved: Polye

Opposition leader Don Polye has condemned the action of a MP who reported to be involved with an expatriate woman arrested with drugs, sex toys and sex enhancement tablets.

The Member of Parliament is alleged to be from an electorate within the nation’s capital.

Polye said it’s a shame when our leaders are reported to be involved in such illegal activities, harboring expatriates who over-stay their visas thus becoming agents of alleged drug trafficking and prostitution syndicates.

“If we have leaders in the country who perpetrate evil, bring expatriates into PNG to involve in alleged drug trafficking, prostitution among other illegal activities then our country is not in safe hands.”

According to reports, the Malaysian woman was driving a vehicle belonging to the MP.

He added that to make matters worse, the woman in question had over-stayed her visa.

Polye called on Foreign Affairs Department to get tough with all expatriates living and working in the country.

The Opposition Leader commended police for the arrest and urged them to complete investigations and arrest the MP involved.

Freddy Mou