Police to launch website

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary will launch its official website today in Port Moresby.

Commissioner David Manning said the website will redefine the Constabulary engagement with the community and the approach to modern policing in the digital space.

“This platform is a key component of our Digital Development Initiative. Through this initiative, we aim to provide our officers with modern technology tools and digital solutions that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of police operations and enhance the delivery of police service to the public,” he said.

Manning stated that digital technology has changed the nature of crime, presenting new challenges and opportunities for law enforcement agencies around the world.

“The platform will be the central hub of information where the public will access news and updates, public safety tips, crime prevention resources, police contacts and also collaborate and share information with local and international law enforcement partners.

“The launch of the website is amongst many digital solution projects such as the Online Police Clearance process that are being worked on to enhance our capabilities to better serve our people,” Manning said.

The Constabulary will partner with relevant government departments and agencies to enter into Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs), to strengthen collaboration and coordination to support the Constabulary's Digital Development Initiative and enhance national cyber coordination in Papua New Guinea.

“The key activities include implementing digital transformation projects, sharing technical expertise, developing joint training programs, establishing a communication framework, and exploring funding opportunities and partnerships,” Manning concluded.

Loop author