Police issue another appeal to criminals

Police Commissioner Gari Baki is once again appealing to Alotau’s notorious criminal, Tommy Baker, and his gang members to surrender themselves to Police.

Commissioner Baki said the arm of the law is long and it is only a matter of time before they are caught.

“We will not stop until we capture all of them so they have to surrender now or risk being shot dead as well,” Commissioner Baki said following recent police operations that have resulted in two members of Baker’s gang being shot dead.

Alotau is quiet following the shoot-out at Daga compound on Tuesday which left two suspects dead and two others injured. Baker is still at large and police are working tirelessly to capture Baker and his gang members.

Commissioner Baki said no harm will come to Baker and his gang members if they surrender now.

So far 12 suspects have been arrested and are remanded in Alotau. They will be kept in Alotau until the operation is completed and further decisions will be made whether to have them transferred to Port Moresby for their cases to be heard. The provinces’ magistrate has left Alotau due to security concerns.

Commissioner Baki is also calling on the relatives of the three suspects who have been shot dead to come forward and identify the bodies.

He said in the meantime, the death of the mother and son who were killed when the 10 houses were burnt by Baker and the gang on January 23 is yet to be examined.

“The bodies were severely burnt and we do not have the technology to ascertain the cause of death. We can only assume it was caused by the fire,” Commissioner Baki said, adding that a coroner will be sent over to Alotau within the week.

Meanwhile, the Air Tactical Unit (ATU) from the Royal Papua New Guinea’s Special Services Division that was sent to Alotau is working tirelessly around the clock to apprehend Baker and his gang. They are investigating all possible leads.

Alotau residents are urged to remain calm and work with the local police to put an end to these criminal activities in Alotau by reporting any sightings of Baker and his gang members.

Press release