Police internal affairs need to be vigilant: Turi

Discipline of police officers needs to be swiftly carried out to serve as an example to others.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, highlighted the need for police internal affairs to be more vigilant in the charging and dispensing of disciplinary actions.

He says even though many police officers have been charged for ill-discipline, results are rarely seen.

“Since 2015 and early 2016, we charged people but we haven’t seen the result of these charges.

“We charge people from Boroko, the charges are brought down to Badili and they go through the charges then make a decision based on the charges.”

From there, the charges are finalised and sent to the deputy commissioner, where he acts on the recommendations.

Unfortunately, Turi says officers at Badili are not quickly doing this.

“Last October, 75 officers were charged. Out of that, only 15 were dismissed from the force, two were demoted and one fined.”

Carmella Gware