Police Improve Operations

Police Commissioner David Manning has announced that work on implementing the new Police Administration Wing is on track.

Commissioner Manning stated this when providing an administrative update on what the Constabulary is doing to improve its operations during a recent press conference held together with Minister for Police, William Onglo.

“The work on implementing National Gazette No. G279 on the ‘Abolishment of the Department of Police and the Office of the Secretary for the Department of Police’ is progressing. The Governor General has signed the statutory instrument for the Creation of the Police Administration Wing.

“The Salaries and Conditions Monitoring Committee (SCMC) has also approved the payment of Police Service Allowances to Administrative Staff. A recent meeting between the RPNGC HR Team and Department of Personnel Management resolved to work towards making these payments by pay 20 of this year.

“What this essentially means is that our administration staff or what were known as civilian staff, come pay 20, their Personnel Emoluments will now migrate into the police force and they will now continue their service in the police force under the new admin services wing which their pay will obviously adjusted to capture that transition.

“With some concerns about whether or not they will continue to be paid, or are they just faceless public servants, the answer to that is no. With the signing of the instruments by the Governor General, that concludes the legal requirements for the creation of the admin services wing as well as their continued employment within the police force,” Manning said

Melissa Wokasup