Police firearms safe, secure: Commissioner

Police Commissioner David Manning says the safety and security of police firearms is of the highest priority for the Constabulary.

Commissioner Manning said this following the National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop’s statement that some of the firearms and ammunitions used by criminals were from the police armoury.

“Police firearms are safe and secure. We have stringent security measures in place and up to date records of all firearms issued to our members. Losing a firearm by police officers is a dismissible offence,” responded Manning.

“To discourage loss or theft of our weapons, we have taken and will continue to take strong disciplinary as well as criminal actions against our members who lose police issued firearms, whether intentionally or by professional negligence.”

As for legally registered firearms, Manning said the Commissioner of Police as the Registrar of Firearms ensures that RPNGC keeps an up-to-date and accurate record of all firearms or ammunition sold and purchased.

The registrar also monitors the use of legal firearms and any abuses are swiftly dealt with by way of revocation of firearm licences, forfeiture of firearms or both.

Press release