Police extend recruitment drive

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) after having a nationwide recruitment drive, have now started their screening, interviewing and physical fitness training throughout the four regions for successful candidates who applied.

For Northern region, the team in Madang have started the screening process last week having 1227 regular applicants and 48 cadet applicants (40 direct entry & 8 serving members) at the Marape Hall at Tusbab Secondary School.

It was a rigorous week for the constabulary as they screened and gave exams to the applicants over the week, cutting down the number to 150 applicants within the process.

The 150 that passed the exams have been interviewed at the end of last week and today are conducting a physical training which will see if they cut down some more from the applicants, results due to performance.

The RPNGC have hired a recruiting firm, Head Hunters to assist in carrying out this overwhelming recruitment drive.

According to the RPNGC recruitment team, Madang has been very peaceful with no hiccups the whole of the recruitment process and that they are very happy with the outcome of the event so far.

However, a father and mentor to one of the applicants, expressed his sentiments regarding the recruitment process, money being spent by the government on such drives and the worrisome figures of applicants being cut down during the recruitment process.

Tonny Kopel, stated that instead of having the government spend thousands of kina in organizing such drives, in future they need to look at including selection criteriums in the School Leavers form for grade 12’s for Police, the CIS and Defence Force.

A prerequisite for entering these academic colleges is a grade 12 certificate, it makes it easy to identify and select educated and eligible applicants.

As a response to this call, the Constabulary Recruitment team acknowledged the suggestion but stated that the force needed a diversity in terms of quality, qualification and character.

The Recruitment team have now confirmed that the applicants who pass the final procedure of Medical Test, Fingerprint Scan and Physical Training, will now be the cream of the province and they would wait to go on to the Bomana Training College.

The Northern Recruitment team will finalize the selections for Madang today and head on to Lae, Morobe Province in their second leg. They would later advance to Wewak and Vanimo.

Loop Author