Police confirm girls’ abduction after NCD program

Police have confirmed the abduction of the two young Goilala girls who were taken by some gang members into Badili settlement, Port Moresby.

The incident occurred after the closing of the NCD Christmas program at Murray Barracks on Friday night.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N'Dranou, told this newsroom that the matter was reported to police and the girls were recovered the same night by their family members.

N'Dranou also said as lucky as the girls were, they should not have been walking home by themselves at that time of the night; especially after 10pm.

He warns parents to take responsibility of their children’s whereabouts and activities to avoid this sort of incident in future.

He adds that NCDC is kind enough to organise small events such as outside night activities for residents to enjoy and opportunist should not take advantage of this.

Police will be posted where needed and necessary for added security but as it is, police personnel have been stretched out; they cannot always be working overtime given the financial constraints.

He urges the general public to make it their business in doing what they know is best for the interest of the people and residents of the city.

Annette Kora