Police commissioner to visit Hela

Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki, will be taking a trip to Hela Province to check on the progress of the operation.

He says so far, Hela operations are running smoothly while today will be another surrendering of arms.

“From the last exercise that had taken place, we would like to really push for all the functional weapons to be surrendered as soon as possible.”

Baki says the Defence and Police are going into all the districts and doing awareness in terms of the surrendering of these weapons and hopefully, get some of the weapons out.

“I will be touring Hela Province in the coming week and the idea of it is to look at the operations and success of it, or the failure and what issues that are confronting us as well as to review the conduct of the operations so we can take a better approach in Hela,” he says.

Baki says funding is also very crucial for the success of the operation and at this point in time, the Constabulary does not have any control over the funding over at Hela.

“It’s maintained by the Department of the Prime Minister, from the Office of the Chief Secretary, which is an issue we will be speaking to the Chief Secretary later on to have this dealt with.”

He adds that like with every police operation, it is procedural that the Police Commissioner has the ability to disperse the funding that is given to him by the government.

(Security forces preparing to leave for Hela early this month)

Annette Kora