Police commended in recovery of money

Police have been commended for their effort in recovering some of the monies that was taken during transit by G4S security guards in 2013 from the May Bank to the Central bank in Port Moresby.

Justice Panuel Mogish said the recovery of the monies was a result of an intensive and speedy investigation conducted by police.

Robbery was perpetrated on Oct 4, 2013 and 20 days later on Oct 24, 2013, police conducted a raid on the offender’s house at Taurama.

He said these when handing his sentence against 40-year-old Thomas Karo to five years in jail after he deducted three years of time spent in remand and further suspended two years from an initial sentence of 11 years in prison.

Karo received K322, 660 as cash proceeds of crimes for his part in the robbery.

 “If anyone has to take credit for the recovery of those monies, then it must go to the men and the women in the police who worked tirelessly under difficult circumstances to get this result.

“The police must be commended for the speed and professionalism demonstrated in what can be described as the biggest robbery in the country,” Justice Mogish said.

“The perpetrators to the substantive offense were security guards. I have no doubt in my mind that the commission of the offense has dented the credibility, reliability, and effectiveness of the company in providing security to a major bank. It is clear that security was lax that day. Those persons on duty deserve to be sacked for negligence,” he aded.


Picture source: Thinkstock Au 

Sally Pokiton