Police calling for witness statements

​Police in Enga are calling for witnesses to come forward and give statements regarding the attack of Chief Justice, Sir Salamo INjia, which took place in Tsak valley, Enga province on January 8.

A task force has been set up to investigate the attack and bring those perpetrators involved to be arrested.

This comes following the public “apology” from the tribe members of Aluni tribe, who allegedly ambushed and attacked the Chief Justice and his armed escort along the road from Tsak valley to Wapanamenda.

Enga’s Acting Provincial Police Commander, Epenes Nili said the Police Station Commander for Wapanamenda and OIC for Crime Investigation Division have gone to the village to inspect the grave site of the man, and write statements to prepare court documents to have the body dug up for autopsy.

The attack took place after the Aluni clan accused two women from Sir Salamo’s tribe of practicing sorcery to kill one of their leaders. 

The two women from Sir Salamo’s Angutamanda village, were accused of killing a leader of the Aluni through sorcery early last month.

Nili said despite the calls earlier for witnesses to come forward and give statements, none of the villagers apart from police officers have done so.

He said three leaders from the Aluni tribe who were identified were taken in by police but are yet to be formally charged.

“The law must take its course, the compensation was a mere process of cooling down the situation but the law has been broken.

“We cannot allow people to attack the Chief Justice and get away with it. The people involved must go behind bars,” Nili added.

Meanwhile the two women who were tortured for allegedly practicing sorcery are still recovering in hospital.

Sally Pokiton