Police boss refutes claims of Schram’s arrest

The NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, has refuted claims of Dr Albert Schram’s arrest.

The media was informed yesterday afternoon of the imminent arrest of the former University of Technology vice chancellor, which was supposedly going to happen today at 9am.

However, N’Dranou says he did not authorise any arrest.

“It is unfortunate that someone told you that Dr Schram has been or will be arrested,” said the NCD police boss.

“His case is still under investigation.

“It is yet to be completed before an arrest can be made so someone is jumping the gun here.

“I just spoke to the case officer and he still needs to follow certain processes.”

N’Dranou has further encouraged caution when dealing with the sensitive subject.

Dr Schram was terminated by the University of Technology Council on 15 February 2018. The unanimous council decision was on grounds of serious misconduct and breach of contract of employment.

The following are the allegations that were upheld and resulted in his termination;

  • Non provision of verified academic credentials
  • Constant overseas trips on vague university business
  • Engagement of consultants to cover up for him while he was away overseas and
  • Engagement of private lawyers to represent personal interests

However, in response, Dr Schram said the Council itself acknowledged that the main ground for dismissal was that he allegedly did not present a certified copy of his original doctoral degree from the European University Institute.

“Here is a link to my thesis on the Institute’s website http://cadmus.eui.eu//handle/1814/5972,” says Dr Schram.

“Here is my Google Scholar profile: https://go.shr.lc/2q8LMzN.

“My h-index (number of references) is 5, which puts me in the top 10 of active researchers at UNITECH.”

Meantime, Dr Schram told this newsroom that he is currently fully cooperating with the police investigation, and presenting himself almost every day to the Boroko police station for interviews.

“It has been almost 1 week now,” he said.

Carmella Gware