Police boss condemns padlock incident

The Lae Metropolitan Superintendent has condemned the sickening and disgusting incident that occurred to a woman in Lae recently.

Commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr was saddened by the report of a 37-year-old nursing officer who not only was going through life threatening abuse but sadistic treatment as well.

The victim’s genitalia was sewn and a padlock attached to it. The perpetrator only unlocked it when he wished to have sexual intercourse, according to police report.

Wagambie Jnr said it saddened him that a female had to go through such an ordeal, noting that this is an animalistic behaviour that should not be tolerated.

“What saddens me is that she is a nursing officer who is well aware of family sexual violence issues but lived with this abuse herself,” said the Lae police boss.

“I condemn such acts and call for public to assist in observing and reporting such cases.

“If you see or observe that something is not right, report it immediately.”

He noted that many victims of abuse are too scared to speak out. 

Imelda Wavik