Pokanis takes temporary charge of CS

Stephen Pokanis has been appointed the acting Correctional Service Commissioner for the next three months, pending a permanent appointment.

Minister for Correctional Service, Roy Biyama announced this today, an hour after Ben Nepo went to the media, claiming to be taking over from Commissioner Michael Waipo, whose contract came to an end on Monday, September 24 20-18.

Michael Waipo’s 43 years in the Correctional Service came to an end yesterday, when he reached the end of his term as commissioner, after four years. 

However before an acting appointment was announced, Chief Superintendent Bernard Nepo, who took Commissioner Waipo to court in 2016 over his acting appointment, announced to the media he will be taking office tomorrow.

An hour later, Correctional Service Minister Roy Biyama, announced, together with Waipo that Deputy Commissioner for Corporate Services, Stephen Pokanis is acting Commissioner, while the position is being advertised.

He said the appointment process is that a deputy commissioner can be appointed on recommendation.

Pokanis’ acting appointment, Gazettal No.G615 of 24 September 2018 takes effect today, September 25, and the minister urged all staff to support him.

Outgoing Commissioner, Waipo said he leaves the service after 43 years.

“In Correctional service, we say a prisoner’s date of release, so 26 September 2018 is my date of release,” Waipo he said.

Acting Commissioner Pokanis said there is so much work to do, and he will need all hands on deck.

Sally Pokiton