PNGTUC welcomes Sawang’s appointment

The PNG Trade Union Congress has applauded the Marape-Rosso government on the appointment of Kessy Sawang as the Minister for Labour and Employment.

“With great pleasure, on behalf of the workers of PNG, extend our warm welcome to Kessy Sawang, on her appointment as the Minister in charge of a key economic ministry in government,” said Clemence Kanau, the General Secretary for the PNGTUC.

“This is the first time in over three decades a government in PNG has appointed an elected women leader to a key economic ministry, a win for women in PNG. This is a milestone appointment for women in politics, and so we give due credit to the Marape-Rosso government for its wisdom in appointing Kessy Sawang,” Kanau added.

Sawang’s qualifications and professional experiences speak for her as a competent individual who previously held the position of Deputy Commissioner Customers. 

Her invaluable contributions to the review of our tax regime under the Sir Nagora Bogan led Tax Review Committee in 2015 also stands testimony to her knowledge and understanding of our economic challenges.

“In welcoming Kessy Sawang as the new minister for Labour and Employment, I would also like to thank the former Acting Minister John Rosso for his leadership over the past seven or so months which has seen the Cabinet and Parliament ratified three key ILO Conventions and endorsed three importance labour based policies’, said Mr Kanau.

“At this juncture, we look forward to work with the new Minister to progress the modernization of the relevant labour legislations in the country including ensuring that the various functions of the Labour and Employment Department are revamped to perform their mandated responsibilities competently in serving labour in PNG.”

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