PNGTA Wins Court Battle

The PNG Teachers Association (PNGTA) this week announced the victory of a Court case on the legitimacy of respective executive positions held in the association.

PNGTA President, Aita Sanangkepe stated that the Court ruled in their favour and that the PNGTA office holders were voted into office by the association’s financial members.

In a media conference this week, Mr Sanangkepe thanked God for his guidance, leadership and wisdom in their court journey since 2020.

He said the outcome marks a new era in partnership with the Teaching Services Commission and the Department of Education.

Mr Sanangkepe said the battle with the TSC and the Department is over and they are now looking forward to establishing a mutual understanding with all parties to build a stronger partnership in the education systems for the benefit of their members, especially the teachers.

In 2020, PNGTA went into a court battle with the TSC and DoE requesting for recognition and acceptance of the PNGTA nominees to represent the interests of the teachers in the relevant education boards, including the National Education Board, Governing councils of all national and provincial institutions in the education system.

“The Court has now given consent of a Court Order for the TSC and the Department to recognize the PNGTA nominees. This now allows them to represent the interests of the teachers in the Teaching Council, the Selection Panel, the Teaching Service Appeals Committee and Education Disciplinary Committee,” said Mr Sanangkepe.

He said this means that if the TSC and the Department do not comply with the Court orders then this is a contempt of Court and is punishable by the same Court.

With the consent of the Court Orders given, PNGTA will submit their nominees to the TSC and DoE to be recognized and accepted. They then will be sworn as members of their various boards and committees.

Mr Sanangkepe said this paves way for PNGTA to lodge its log of claims for the teachers to the two said entities to execute long awaited claims.

These include:

  • CPI increase annually for teachers
  • Accommodation
  • Teacher pupil allowance
  • Leave entitlements and
  • Other relevant allowances

Meanwhile, President Sanangkepe said a copy of the Court Order has been delivered to the TSC and the Education Secretary through their legal representative, Kuira Lawyers.

Frieda Kana