PNGTA concerned

The PNG Teachers Association is concerned some teachers might miss out on pay.

They highlighted these fears in relation to when the Teachers Pay verification starts in March or April following cross checking with the Teachers Resumption of Duty Forms.

PNGTA National General Secretary, Ugwalubu Mowana, raised this concern as Provincial Education Advisors meet at the March Girls Resort this week for a Workshop.

Among the agendas are issues surrounding the “Teachers Resumption Duty Forms”. 

Mowana said while the Provincial Education Advisors are in Central Province, many teachers are desperately waiting for them to sign their resumption of duty forms before it is sent to the Education Department in Port Moresby for verification and confirmation.

The Teachers Resumption of Duty Forms is crucial as it confirms to the Education Department that a Teacher has resumed duties and will receive his or her fortnightly salary. 

 “The people who are supposed to be signing the Resumption Duty Forms, six weeks ago are here in Port Moresby without these forms.

“So when will the Provincial Advisors sign the RODSS for Teachers Resumption Forms to come to Waigani and make sure that they are on the payroll?”

Meantime, Mowana also believes the Workshop held at March Girls Resort, just outside of Port Moresby, is a waste of time.

He said these issues are always discussed at the annual Senior Education Conference. 

 “It’s a waste of tax payers’ money, having a workshop. Education Department conducts Senior Education Officers Conference every year. They talk about issues relation to Education, Curriculum, and Teachers.

“Why is there another workshop now, only to find out that they’re talking about Teacher Resumption Forms and Teacher Resumptions, when these resumption forms are not in Port Moresby and the very people who are supposed to sign these forms are in Port Moresby.

Charmaine Poriambep