PNGEC address allegations

Acting Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai last week addressed allegations of misconduct and ballot tampering that have been widely circulated on many online platforms, especially social media sites.

The Acting Electoral Commissioner last week cleared false allegations made against certain by-election officials.

Mr Sinai said the concerns raised were necessary and that all participants involved in the by-election have the right to be heard. This includes voters, supporters and the candidates.

He said not addressing the concerns is not a great way of managing any government services.

Mr Sinai said: “To some extent, mere allegations in every election people have their own interests and assessments on everything that is done. Pick out one or two witnesses and capitalize on that.

“We try to assist people to exercise their democratic right. We also expect them to support us by contributing constructively towards achieving the purposes of elections.”

Meantime, the Acting Electoral Commissioner gave approval to NCDC Youth Manager, Rex Buka, who was the Assisting Returning Officer for Ward 7 in the Moresby Northwest by-election to make a statement.

Mr Buka has laid a complaint and is working with a CID officer to build a case in order to take action against those who have made allegations against him.

“I want to clear myself that there are some people hiding behind fake accounts, publishing and getting publicity and trying to provoke and incite the candidates and supporters that this is real.  But I want to come out clear and say that this is false,” he said.

He said: “It is good to come and put an allegation but they must have and come with evidence. They have the rights to come and talk but they must come with evidence and arrest instead of just hiding behind a fake accounts and it’s a defamation of character.”

Marysilla Kellerton