PNGeans urged to uphold Christian values

Marking the 40th Remembrance Day, Governor General Sir Bob Bofeng Dadae appealed to all Papua New Guineans to uphold strong Christian values and live in peaceful co-existence.

He made this call in light of the continued lawlessness and blatant abuse of freedom that our forefathers have sacrificed their lives for.

Governor General Sir Bob Dadae emphasised that unfortunately, our hard fought freedom has been taken for granted.

These frequent abuses that are evident in society today include gender-based violence and domestic violence, ongoing ethnic violence, disrespect for one another as well as for state and private properties, unlawful grabbing of traditional land and official and institutional corruption.

“During these difficult and trying times, I call upon all citizens and institutions of State to step up and be proactive in addressing these issues,” he stated. “It deeply concerns me to read in the daily press and on social media forums about violence and crime and more so, the negative and derogatory comments in support of, and inciting, violent crimes.

“Again, I ask you all, are we honouring, or are we being disrespectful and abusing this very freedom our forefathers sacrificed their lives for?”

Sir Bob further said strictly teaching and imparting Christian principles in early childhood learning will greatly enhance and prepare our children to respect one another, regardless of gender, ethnicity and status.

He outlined that it is the responsibility of parents to guide their children on the proper path that they may grow into decent and respectable citizens of our nation.

“Additionally, a just, secure and safe society provides a conducive environment for business, trade and investment and builds investor confidence to complement Government efforts to develop and grow the economy.”

The Governor General said a society that is free of crime and violence can be realized if each and every one of us plays our part in actively promoting unity, peace and goodwill within our homes and communities. And in doing so, we can truly enjoy the freedom that our fallen heroes unstintingly fought for and more importantly, demonstrate that we honour and respect the sacrifice of our brave heroes and servicemen.

Unlike in the past, the observance of this year’s Remembrance Day was limited to less than 50 people consisting of the Government House staff and media personnel.

(Governor General Sir Bob Bofeng Dadae giving his speech this morning at Government House)

Carmella Gware