PNGDF Recruits Removed

In an attempt to clean up a failed recruiting process, 166 PNGDF recruits were removed from the Goldie River Training Depot yesterday and transported to Murray Barracks where they were dismissed.

Chief of PNGDF Training Branch, Colonel Dickers Esso, addressed the recruits at the Goldie River Training Depot. It was then that Colonel Esso announced that some recruits would be removed from training.

Colonel Esso said, as Chief of Training, he is responsible for the quality of training for all training across the PNGDF.

Esso said the Training ranch received the list from the Personal Branch. He described the list send to him as not ‘clean’ or ‘straight-forward’.

He said as the Chief of Training, it is his responsibility to correct the inconsistency carried out, to allow those who are eligible to continue training.

Esso said, it is essential that all recruits must meet every necessary requirement as specified under the books of the PNGDF and the directive of the PNGDF Commander.

Colonel Esso said the removal of these recruits is in the best interest of the organization and for the good of the country. He emphasized that the remaining recruits are those deserving and meeting the necessary requirements.

Of the 166 that were removed, over 101 failed the medical board, 38 failed to meet the age requirement as they were over age, and 26 were recruited under ghost names. One recruit even had a case of Tuberculosis.

In July of this year, 354 recruits commenced training. With the removal of 166, 188 now remain to continue with their training.

Further necessary checks will be carried out by the PNGDF under the Training Branch.

Marysila Kellerton