PNGDF recovers 6 bodies under landslide

In a small village in Nipa-Kutubu district, Southern Highlands Province, the PNG Defence Force have recovered six out of 10 bodies buried in a landslide.

In a statement, the PNGDF said six of the bodies have been identified, confirmed and buried.

This was confirmed after the two PNGDF Bell 202 helicopters were deployed on a medivac mission to Homa, Pawa villages in the Mansis LLG at Kutubu, to airlift 22 government workers and sick villagers that were affected by the earthquake over the weekend.

The four remains undug beside the mountains were identified as Henri Kiliape, Hengene Kila, Simon Andali and Sali Wawi.

Villager Robert John said three of the deceased were students from Homa Primary School while Sali Mawi left behind a beautiful wife and a son.

“Their bodies were being covered by huge landslides and it is hard for them to dig in to locate and recover,” stated the PNGDF team.

“They only put up their haus krai and built four empty coffins and are currently mourning their deaths.”

The 7.5 magnitude earthquake last Monday has now displaced more than a thousand people and all of them are now congregating at Pawa Primary School using classrooms as temporary shelters.

“They are in desperate need of food, water and clothes after all their properties were destroyed by the earthquake.”

(PNGDF Rotary Wings airlifting government workers and sick patients form Pawa Primary School to Tari on Sunday this weekend – PNGDF Media Unit)

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