PNGDF officers promoted

A total of eight PNG Defence Force officers have been challenged to take their promotions and appointments very seriously and perform to meet force requirements.

PNG Defence Force Commander Major General Gilbert Toropo urged the officers to stay focus and always upheld their duties to serve the country.

“I want to say that this is a long journey we are taking since 2016 and the journey we took has been very good.

“However, in 2019, we were struck with COVID-19 and this has disturbed the way we were progressing.

“Your appointments are very challenging at this time,”

Toropo said the Defence Council and NEC had to go through a tough process to identify officers for these key positions.

These officers came in at a right time to close up the gaps with in the force .

They were challenged to provide the strong leadership to meet the Force Three Year Plan 2021-2023 as the force move forward towards year 2030.

The officers that were promoted to the rank of Colonel are Colonel Dickers ESSO as PNGDF Chief of Training, Colonel Edison NAPYO as Chief of Personnel, Colonel Tony ASEAVU (awaiting appointment) , Lieutenant Colonel Donald AISUK as  Chief Instructor  to PNG Defence  Academy in Lae Igam Barracks and Colonel Lari OPA confirmed as Chief of Force Preparations.

National Executive Council(NEC) has also approved the other key appointments of Lieutenant Colonel Michael BANDA as Chief of Joint Operations Centre, Commander (Navy) Peter TUPMA as Chief of PNGDF Planning, and Commander (Navy) Alex HANEMA as Commandant Lae Area.

Freddy Mou