PNGDF captain’s wife reveals story behind rampage

A different story in relation to the Boroko Police Station rampage has surfaced.

The wife of the PNG Defence Force captain, who was allegedly stopped at the police roadblock at New Year’s Eve, claims a group of police officers blocked them off and assaulted her husband.

The woman, who did not want to be named for security reasons, said there were four adults in the vehicle that night with an 11-month-old baby.

They had finished from a small celebration at the captain’s house and were on their way to drop off the other couple and their baby at Murray Barracks.

There was a slight drizzle when they drove out of the barracks.

They had just turned the corner when they saw a marked police vehicle drive past them on the opposite side of the road and right behind them, an unmarked double cab with neon headlights.

"The lights distorted my husband's view so he slowed down, waiting for the double cab to drive off before he could resume driving,” she recalls.

"Instead, the car turned in at an opening at the road barrier and blocked us from moving forward."

The other marked police vehicle had gone around the roundabout and pulled up behind them, she said.

"In a short time, we were surrounded by a number of officers with firearms.

"They walked up to our vehicle and without any question, punched my husband while he was still in the driver’s seat.”

She said her husband tried to explain where they were going but he “was punched repeatedly and taken out of the vehicle and beaten some more outside in the rain and mud”.

"My husband never pulled out his licensed gun nor did he threaten to shoot any of the officers,” claims the woman.

She said the other police officers went around to the offside, opened the door and punched the other officer.

"He passed the baby to the back and stepped out to stop them from beating the captain but was again beaten down to the mud as well."

With the other wife carrying her sleeping baby in the rain, both women were ordered to get in the marked police vehicle.

When they refused to get in the car, some officers manhandled the captain's wife, scratching her neck while another allegedly bit her wrist.

"After they had us out of the car, they searched our car and took out my husband’s licensed firearm and some personal belongings as well as the car keys and took off."

The couples were left stranded in the rain with the baby.

What had taken place at Boroko Police Station was a result of this incident at the Taurama junction, claims the woman.

(The captain’s wife showing where the alleged incident took place)

Annette Kora