PNG maintains watch on coronavirus spread

Global incidences of the deadly Novel Coronavirus is increasing at an alarming rate, mostly in China at the ground zero but also in other countries, according to latest World Health Organization reports.

In a media update on Friday, WHO Country Representative Dr. Luo Dapeng confirmed that numbers have increased in the contraction of virus as well as deaths.

WHO Country Representative, Dr. Luo Dapeng together with the Acting Secretary for Health Dr. Paison Dakulala met with the media to give an update.

Dr. Dapeng said the number of coronavirus cases increased to 31,161.

“Including 4,081 severe cases and 636 deaths...and 216 cases outside of China which mean 99% of cases in China. In China closer the cases in Wuhan the which is the epicenter of the new coronavirus.”

Among the 600 death cases 80% of them are 60 years old and elderly, 75% of them at least had one underlying condition.

WHO continues to increase surveillance in partnership with other organizations.

Meanwhile Acting Health Secretary, Dr. Paison Dakulala said there are no reported cases in PNG, but the public is being urged to continue to take precaution and practice healthy hygiene habits, as well as in travelling.

“Right now the advise is to avoid any form of travel, to such settings. I mean you know why should I go to a set up when I know like in terms of war if the bullets are flying left right and center and I just take it like ah its noting I’ll just go and get into the front line and I live, I live, I die, I die you know kind of thing and so I think it’s a wise approach in our people who are thing of travelling as this time,” Dakulala said.

Both the WHO rep and the Acting Secretary for Health advised that people should take heed of the public awareness that are being carried out now, which includes information leaflets and posters from WHO that are place in public places.

Frieda Kana