PNG in contact with remaining students in China

The Ministry and Department of Foreign Affairs has released a statement confirming the PNG Embassy in China, Kundu Beijing is still in contact with two other students who left Wuhan province and did not make it on the New Zealand chartered flight.

PNG High Commissioner to New Zealand, Francis Agwi, also said he was informed by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs that no one at the isolation facility in Whangaparoa, including the 17 PNG students who were evacuated out of Wuhan by the New Zealand government, has shown any signs of infection, nor been tested positive for Novel Coronavirus.

The department also said Kundu Beijing is very much aware of the dire situation that other students are in, as prices of food, water, medical fees, electricity and masks have dramatically increased since the virus outbreak. 

Meantime Minister for Foreign Affairs Patrick Pruaitch said evacuation is one of several options presented to Government, however many factors must be considered, including working with the Chinese government for necessary clearances.

According to Kundu Beijing, 355 PNG residents are currently living and working in China, but the figure is only of those registered with the Embassy; there could be more.

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