PNG-Aust relations must grow deeper and broader: Davies

Bilateral relations between PNG and Australia must evolve, given the deepening and broadening relationship between both countries.

Australian High Commissioner to PNG, Bruce Davies said this on Monday during the 2017 Leaders Summit in Port Moresby.

Davies said PNG was undergoing great change with the hosting of several resource energy projects, attracting more tourists, the agriculture potential and the hosting of several major events including the 2018 APEC Summit.

He added as PNG and Australia undergoes change and address short-term economic challenges, it is only natural that bilateral relations evolve as well.

“We will always be linked by our history, our geography, and our rich people to people interactions whether they be on the sporting field, the classroom, the workplace, in church, or through cultural exchanges.

“This links will not change. But our relationship is now deeper and broader than ever before, and it needs to be even deeper and even broader,” Davies said.

“He added “We are now economic and strategic partners and share regional interests and challenges and we’re working together to address. There’s been high level of engagement between our ministers and officials on these issues over the past few months and it is essential this continues.

“We can never rest on our laurels. We always need to be engaging and ensuring our joint interests are being fully subscribed. So it its pleasing to see a re-affirmation of our maturing economic, strategic and security partnership at the 25th Papua New Guinea – Australia Ministerial Forum,” he said.

Davies highlighted the many working relationships and support programs the Australian Government has assisted in PNG and reiterated their ongoing commitment to working with PNG.

Cedric Patjole