PNG to attend Peace Summit

Papua New Guinea will be present at the 30th Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) Tour in Sydney, Australia next week.

The event will be attended on PNG’s behalf by the Chief Justice, Sir Gibbs Salika, and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jeffrey Komal, and Acting PNG High Commissioner to Australia, Sakias Tameo.

They will be accompanied by other Pacific Islands Nation dignitaries to attend the event which aims to promote peace around the world.

In late January, General Director of Public Relations from HWPL Eastern Seoul & Gyeonggi Branch, Jasmine Yang, and Public Relations Coordinator, Jayce Choi, travelled to Port Moresby to formally invite delegates from PNG for the 30th HWPL Peace Tour.

The pair was able to meet with media organizations in Port Moresby as well as Deputy Speaker, Jeffrey Komal,

Both formally engaged with the Speaker about attending the event, which the Chief Justice had already confirmed to attend.

The Speaker has confirmed his attendance along with media representatives from PNG, which includes Frieda Kana from Wantok News Paper.

The 30th World Peace Tour in Sydney brings together high level figures from across the Pacific Islands and leaders from all sectors of Australian Society have been invited for modelling peace and prosperity.

HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee, established the organization in 2012.

A Korean War Veteran, Lee saw the atrocities of war and vowed to pursue peace and for the cessation of all wars.

The HWPL has partnered with citizens and organizations from over 10 countries, advocating for peace on an international scale.

To achieve this, the HWPL campaigns for an international law based on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).

The DPCW will be put to the United Nations following the Peace Tour in Sydney this year.

Through the hosting of annual events, such as the HWPL Peace Tour, the organization accelerates its promotion on spreading a culture of peace to the globe.

HWPL works under the creed to leave peace as a  legacy to future generations.

Chairman Lee visited PNG in 2013 during the HWPL’s infancy stages, delivering a lecture at a world peace seminar as part of the 4th World Peace Tour.

Cedric Patjole