PNG’s forest level report to be submitted in January

Papua New Guinea’s Forest Reference Level (FRL) document report will be submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in January.

FRL is one of four key elements to be produced by developing countries implementing REDD+ activities.

REDD+ aims to mitigate climate change through reducing net emissions of greenhouse gases through enhanced forest management in developing countries including PNG.

Developing countries like PNG who are aiming to implement REDD+ activities have to submit a FRL document to the UNFCCC secretariat for its technical review.

The Climate Change & Development Authority (CCDA) confirmed that the draft FRL document will be submitted to UNFCCC on January 2, 2017 for review.

At the same time, the draft document will also be sent to all stakeholders and CCDA partners in the country for their comments before it is finalised and submitted to the National Executive Council (NEC).

CCDA Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Branch officer, Nathan Sapala confirmed that after it is reviewed by UNFCCC, it will be sent back to them.

Sapala said they will then finalise the document to be submitted to NEC for endorsement.

After it is endorsed by NEC, the final FRL document will be submitted to UNFCCC for PNG. 

Quintina Naime