PNG’s ‘first promising step’

The European Union has welcomed the adoption of the Organic Law for the creation of the Independent Commission against Corruption.

The EU says this achievement is a ‘first promising step on a long road’.   

“Adopting the legislation is essential, but not sufficient,” it stated.

“To make it work, ICAC will further need real independence, bylaws and regulations, qualified staff and funding. In this respect, the EU stands ready to provide a helping hand through its Partnership for Good Governance Program, which provides 100 million Kina for different activities, including the fight against corruption.

“All stakeholders in the country – Government, private sector, citizens, development partners – should further work together to ‘Take Back PNG’ from the claws of corruption and achieve what we all want: a corruption free country, where the public resources are fully invested in the lives of people, especially the most vulnerable.”

Press release