PMV Operators urged to meet with authorities

With the increasing number of motor vehicles on the road in the nation’s capital, vehicle owners and drivers need to be reminded about traffic rules.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika will be hosting a meeting with PMV operators this Sunday 19 February to emphasise this, among other pressing matters relating to road use. The meeting will be held at the Unagi Oval at Gordon.

Chief Inspector Sika confirmed that the PMV operators will be meeting with Road Transport Authority CEO Nelson Terema, Chairman of Public Vehicles Association Jask Waso; representatives of the Central Province Transport Authority from the three organisations who are responsible for the operation and administration of vehicles in the city. He said the people who will be at the meeting are from the Central Province Transport Authority, the Chief Executive Officer of Road Transport Authority Nelson Terema, and the Chairman of the Public Vehicles Association Jack Waso.

Sika further said there is a growing concern about the manner in which public motor vehicles (PMVs and Taxis) are being driven on public streets and roads, without due consideration of traffic rules, passengers, pedestrians and other road users.

He urges PMV operators to attend the meeting.

"We all must work together to make our city safe for everyone to move around. I want you all to come so we can meet and discuss this openly. You might have some good things to share with us," Sika said.

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