PMGH recruits new health staff

A dedication service for 95 new recruit health workers for the Port Moresby General Hospital was held today at the hospital premises.

PMGH Chief Executive Officer Dr Paki Molumi, said these new recruits will fill in the gap left by health workers who have moved on to Rita Flynn facility to concentrate on COVID-19 cases.

Since the first confirmed case of covid-19 in the country, the Government and the Health Department have been on their toes to figure out possible strategies to deal with this escalating pandemic.

At today’s dedication ceremony, Health Minister Jelta Wong acknowledged and appreciated the work that they continue do.

He said, “On behalf of our government, thank you and God bless you.”

CEO of the Port Moresby General Hospital, Dr. Paki Molumi said with most of the Port Moresby General Hospital health workers transferred to the Rita Flynn facility to attend to covid-19 patients, there is a big gap in the service delivery of health services to our people at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Dr Molumi said, “We have a recruitment of 88 nurses, 6 doctors now but another four and we’ll have 10 doctors, and one x-ray technician, we are able to fill in those gaps and we want to return to normal. So starting next week, I want to encourage all the patients to come and get their treatment. PMGH is open we are here to serve you. We have done our necessary infection to clean up the hospital so the hospital is open.”

He added, that the NCD Provincial Health Authority and the Department of Health are in dialogue to open the Taurama Aquatic center thus PMGH is obliged to continue supporting the NCD PHA with toiletry supplies and catering for these two facilities.

In this way it takes the load off from the hospital so it can continue to attend to the population of NCD and referral cases throughout the country.