PMGH Corporate Plan Launched

Port Moresby General Hospital launched its three-year Corporate Plan on Tuesday March 8, witnessed by staff, management and the hospital board.

Health Minister, Jelta Wong and PMGH Board Chairman, Peter Graham launched the Corporate plan at the hospital lawn.

PMGH Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Paki Molumi acknowledged the staff and the board and important partners in the production and the implantation of the three-year Corporate Plan.  

“It’s a privilege for me as CEO to lead a hard working team to prepare this inaugural Corporate Plan 2022-2024. PMGH was part, played an important role also in preparing the national health plan that was launched by the PM towards the end of last year.

“Concurrently as we were preparing the National Health Plan, PMGH team was also preparing the PMGH Corporate Plan. The PMGH corporate plan is in aligned with the recently launched National Health Plan,” said Dr Molumi.


He said this will achieve the objectives of the National Health Plan and the bigger government plans in delivering quality health care to the people of PNG.

Mr Graham said since2013 when he came on the board he has not seen PMGH having a Corporate Plan, he complimented the Dr Molumi and his management for this notable achievement.

“So, for this board we take very seriously going forward our responsibility to work on our development training of the hospital staff. Because it is through the staff, the hospital is able to achieve the results.

“I was really proud of the team that put this plan together that they were bold and courageous enough to speak up and help the board understand where our priority should lie,” he said.  

Meantime, Minister Wong also acknowledged that the corporate plan would be the first coming out of PMGH and he sees a lot of success coming out of it.

“We have changed the status quo of how planning should be. We have put a lot of emphasis into health. This means going into the future, there is a future for health. A career that people can take in health,” he said.

Minister Wong said the COVID-19 Pandemic outcomes have revealed many flaws in the health system in the country.

Hence, the push for the National Health Plan to go out as quickly as possible to help stop the blockages envisioned through the pandemic.

He said a plan is needed to make everything work, and to make the plan work, everyone must work together.

There are 10 key interventions highlighted in the national health plan with 10 key deliverables.

“So easy for us to do, and we can achieve these deliverables. It is not hard. We just need to have the right budget process for it, and we have the people behind to ensure that it happens.” 

Frieda Kana