PM welcomes Supreme Court ruling

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has welcomed today’s Supreme Court ruling on the controversial arrest warrant against him.

He told media this afternoon that the ruling by the three-man bench is a clear demonstration of the independence of the judiciary system of the country.

He said it was clearly a politically motivated case by people with vested interest out to tarnish his name, and he hopes the real culprits can be caught.

“This is a decision that has a lot of common sense and it is a decision against people who are maliciously using both government agencies and the courts to get political merit out of,” said O’Neill.

“From the start this was a political witch-hunt.”

O’Neill said today’s decision clearly shows the interventions he took were the right decisions he took.

“This has done a great damage to the nation, it has cost millions of kina in the legal process, personally and to the state,” said the PM.

“And of course, our country’s name has been dragged through the mud, in particular media outlets like the ABC.

“I give credit to all the media outlets who have demonstrated professionalism in this debate.”

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Meredith Kuusa