PM Tours Indonesia

Prime Minister James Marape has embarked on an official visit to the Republic of Indonesia at the invitation of His Excellency, President Joko Widodo from March 30 to April 1.

He said it is an important bilateral relationship within the region that deserved attention and respect and is significant unlike other bilateral visits. 


“Indonesia and Australia are our closest bilateral partners. While I have made important strides in the PNG Australia relationship, I hope to strengthen the PNG Indonesian relationship, and this visit is timely,” said Prime Minister Marape.


Apart from the usual discussions on traditional issues relating to border management and combating cross-border crime, drug smuggling, and terrorism, the talks will focus on other strategic opportunities for the two countries.

“The traditional issues are important but these are the traditional bilateral issues which are recurring in nature. There is a place for those, but it is vitally important that we use the opportunity to canvass other issues which are of strategic importance to us as a country."

The visit is more strategic and will focus on business, trade, and investment opportunities and capacity building of human resources, among other practical and meaningful outcomes to complement our development aspirations here in PNG.

“There is a lot to draw from our nearest neighbour in enhancing our socio-economic development by providing market access for our natural products to enter the huge Indonesian market. It is now timely to exploit and pursue these opportunities with a renewed vigor and optimism to utilize the vast economic, trade and investment potential that currently exists between our two countries,” said Prime Minister Marape.

The delegation returns to the country tomorrow.

Freddy Mou