PM shares of successful trip to Korea

Prime Minister, James Marape, arrived in Papua New Guinea from South Korea yesterday with much to tell of the significant inaugural Korea-Pacific Islands summit.

The bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of South Korea, Han Duck-soo and key leaders, was significant. The PM emphasized that PNG could learn many lessons from the third biggest economy.

“These meetings (are) at the margin of historic first Korea-Pacific Islands summit. All leaders from the Pacific were in Seoul and we had a very good meeting but for PNG more so good bilateral with this three key people, the President, Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister,” said PM Marape. “Our conversation engaged in continued expansion in trade, relationship between both countries, continued exchange from the government-to-government level as well as business-to-business level and every people engagements.”

Marape added that this is a continuation of rekindling the bilateral relationship with other nations.

“In the last year, I had visited White House, the Prime Minister of Japan, visited United Kingdom both at the Kings level as well as the Head of Government level, Australia, China and we have established those important relationships that we relate with,” he said. “It is important for our country, for the leader of the country, to make visits. Of course along my visits, Vice-ministers and other members of parliament or key government officials, contrary to those who continue to be negative in the public space, we are not wasting time. It’s not for fun. These one-day visits without less sleep its stressful and takes a toll on your personal health but nonetheless these contacts must be made.”

He said Fisheries Minister, Jelta Wong was part of the team that attended the Korea-Pacific summit, and has made contact with the fishing sector in South Korea for more manufacturing in PNG and wrap up export to South Korea.

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