PM refutes pay cut claim

Prime Minister James Marape says the Government will not deduct public servants' and teachers’ salaries.

In response to the Opposition’s claim of pay cuts, the PM said: “No legitimately secured awards to teachers or proper salaries will be deducted as that is our workers’ entitlements.

“We are only concerned about duplicity, unlawful wastage and lack of productivity in our public services that we will tidy but that has nothing to do with cutting their legitimate pays or secured industrial increases.

“May I assure our teachers and real public servants at work, there is no intention to dilute or reduce your due benefits. These are rumours.”

Shadow Treasurer Joseph Lelang recently called on the Government to explain the 5 to 10 percent cuts to wages of public servants around the country.

Lelang accused the Government of being unfair by penalising innocent public servants to cover up for their incompetence in managing the country’s budget and public finances in a sound and sustainable manner.

However, Minister Nukundj told this newsroom that the government aims to cut and reduce public services expenditure and the major cut chamber targeted is the personal emoluments powers enjoyed by heads of department.

Nukundj said majority of the functional activities of main state agencies are specified in the public General Orders.

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