PM promises hospital for Western Province

Prime Minister Marape said the Government together with the Australian Government will be building a permanent hospital for the people of Western Province.

The Prime Minister said this in response to the request of the Member for Western Province, Toboi Awi Yoto to transfer the state’s shares to the people pf Western Province.

He said the entire country, not just the Western Province has needs. PM Marape emphasized that it is essential that resources be shared equally throughout the country.

The former O’Neill government had decided that one third in shares would go back to the people of Western Province and two-thirds to the State.

PM Marape said he believed this to be a fair call and thus has actioned that decision.

Prime Minister assured MP Yoto that from the government’s 66 per cent shares, three major projects will be chosen and funded for the Western Province.

The Prime Minister however, acknowledged since 1985 and the beginning of the Ok Tedi mine operations, there has been no permanent legacy for the people of Western Province.

PM Marape said he can confirm that there is no proper hospital in Daru and Kiunga and the road from Kiunga to Tabubil isn’t sealed.

Prime Minister further stated that many plans that the national and provincial government had for the province, never eventuated.

“…Our people have been left in despair for so long.”

Prime Minister Marape clarified the National Government will not transfer its 66 percent direct shareholding to the people of Western Province. 

Marysilla Kellerton