PM Marape calls on leaders to save planet earth

Prime Minister James Marape has called on the big carbon emitters of planet earth to own up and apologise to the small island states and all other victims of climate change.

Marape made this call on Friday when delivering his speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

“And today I make a call to all of us and especially to the big carbon emitting nations, who are now enjoying their national economic transformations through industrialization, to pause, think and take responsibility to save our planet. 

“I am comforted by the recent commitments by President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson on their respective nations’ intention to respond better to tackling climate change issues.

“I also hear of China’s positive responses and note that it is good that we are now uniting to save our planet.”

Marape told the leaders that they have a collective responsibility to take actions to save earth. 

“When astronaut Neil Armstrong walked on the moon on July 20, 1969, he looked back to the direction from where he’d come from and he did not see his home country – the United States of America, but he saw his home, Planet Earth.

“It is the survival of the Earth that we must take action on now. I want to make this statement. Enough of talk. We have to take actions commensurate to the volume of emissions from our industries.

“Leaders of the big carbon-emitting nations must now lead the global effort in rebalancing the environmental equilibrium. It is a hard ask but a necessary call for leadership and champions.

“I point to all nations on earth to embrace the unity of humanity to save our planet, because what happens in Africa will affect Europe, whatever happens in Asia will affect America, and whatever happens in the Middle East will affect those of us in Pacific.

“We live in one planet, one atmospheric envelope, one interlinked environmental ecosystem, hence as one humanity, we must rise and unite to preserve our one planet, our home.”

Freddy Mou