PM Lauds Churches

Prime Minister, James Marape has thanked all churches for their support in this difficult period of COVID-19.

He said this during a meeting with the churches on Friday that was also attended by Health Minister Jelta Wong, Controller David Manning and experts of the National Control Centre.

 “All our Christians, led by their clergy, have been praying for our country and I want you all to pass my appreciation to all praying Papua New Guineans,” Prime Minister Marape told pastors from PNG Body of Christ and Evangelical Alliance. 

“We are at a time when we all need to be together, we are all in one ship called MV PNG, and if the ship sinks we all sink. If the ship sails smoothly, we all go smoothly.

“When we took over Government in May 2019, we never knew that COVID-19 would come, but it is here now, and we all must learn to live with it and engage in a healthy and safe lifestyle for our family, community and nation.”

The Prime Minister said he saw a lot of positivity in these tough times and COVID-19 has taught us Government to invest big in the health sector.

He said the Government would intervene in the Health system like “never before”, including building 22 good hospitals throughout the country.

Prime Minister Marape said people had different opinions about COVID-19, especially relating to vaccination, which his Government respected.

“Amid these opinions, we try to find what is good, for our individual and collective safety,” he said.

“I thank all you pastors for coming here to not just hear us, but just as importantly, offer constructive suggestions as to how we adjust to living with COVID-19. I assure you that your Government hears you and will consider your views and suggestions."

Prime Minister Marape made a commitment to get Controller Manning to relook at COVID-19 protocols and requirements, especially the "no jab no job" stance by some employers.

 “Our Government's headline policy of non-mandatory or compulsory vaccination remains, and with work place safety issues, we will soon release testing requirements to all employers so we find a balance between workplace safety rights and rights of individuals to vaccination."

Freddy Mou