PM defends overseas trips

The Prime Minister has labelled statements by the Shadow Attorney General as ‘cheap politics’.

Kerenga Kua had claimed that Peter O’Neill had been frequently attending various overseas meetings without addressing issues affecting the country.

Kua said the Prime Minister should return home and take a hard look at the sufferings of our people and tighten the government belt on wanton spending.

However, Prime Minister O’Neill responded and told this newsroom that Kua’s statement is just cheap politics.

He explained that the travels are meetings arranged three years ago promoting our nation’s interest.

O’Neill reiterated that it is just cheap to think that we can isolate ourselves from the outside world.

“We need development partners and foreign direct investment to build our nation and provide opportunities and employment for our people,” stated the PM.

He further clarified that issues, including teachers’ concerns, are being managed and attended to by Government officials responsible.

Freddy Mou