PM challenges implementation of GBV laws

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has challenged members of parliament to use the existing law and order structures to deal with law and order issues.

The PM was speaking in reference to a question raised by the East Sepik Governor Allan Bird highlighting the need for parliament to be more proactive on the agenda of gender-based violence and abuse in the country.

The Prime Minister made reference to laws and acts already in place that are designed to give protection to women, children and the most vulnerable in our society.

The PM however noted that it is the implementation of these laws which is a concern.

He agreed with the governor that the law enforcement agencies such as police, judiciary and other village level leaders must work together to make sure that this type of behaviour is not tolerated in the communities.

“We have never seen such a gross abuse of the most vulnerable in our communities,” said the PM.

“Police must act on this.

“I will ensure that the Police Minister goes to the police commissioner to put together a special task force to address this immediately.

“If the local police are not taking charge of the issues on ground, the headquarters must take charge of it.”

(Parliament sitting last week)


Julianna Waeda