PM calls on Madang MP to serve people

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has called on Madang MP to serve his people rather than going around and accusing leaders.

O’Neill made the call after being asked by Kramer on where to give evidence of corrupt dealings by leaders.

The vocal Madang MP Bryan Kramer told Parliament today that he has evidence of PM O’Neill authorizing a payment requested by former Madang MP which had been found illegal by the courts.

Kramer was making a reference to a question raised by Sir Mekere Morauta yesterday in Parliament where PM responded saying he would resign if found misusing a toea belonging to the people.

“I have an audio recording of PM giving an authorization to the Gaming board to make a payment which the court have ruled as a fraud.

“So where do we give such evidence to deal with such leaders?” he asked.

However, the Prime Minister told Kramer to give the evidence to police as they are the right people to deal with such.

“Who do you think I am running around looking for people to arrest? O’Neill asked.

The PM further told Kramer that he must be thankful as the former Madang MP has withdrew his court petition against him and start serving the people of Madang.



Freddy Mou