PM advocates against violence on PNG women

Prime Minister James Marape has called on all men in the country to exercise restraint.

His statement follows the brutal beating of one of PNG’s elite athletes.

Marape said we will struggle to reach our goal of taking back PNG, leaving no one behind and making PNG the richest black Christian nation on earth if the sons of this land do not respect and beat up our women and girls.

“This is not a Melanesian thing, this is not cultural; don’t use those excuses, this is real character we are talking,” stressed the PM.

“Brothers and sons, leave that lady alone, exercise restraint, don’t jeopardise your own future, your children’s future and your wife’s health and future.

“I know some of you will argue that some ladies do cause stress. Of course all ladies do, there is no marriage that is free of problems.

“And have we forgotten, we men too cause problems – if not greater problems – and the reasons for stresses in marriage.

“Thus, if there is a genuine reason that is causing relationship stress, firstly talk about it, secondly seek pastoral or elderly counseling, and if not possible to resolve family issues then of course you can seek other traditional or legal recourse.

“At family levels, violence begets violence, it does not solve problems.

“Our society is built on family as foundational layer and your children can become broken and prone to violence in their own adult life.

“I ask you all, if you want to build a better and safer country, let us build a better and safer home. It all starts at home.

“Talk away or walk away from marriage problems instead of fighting in marriage.

“Spread the word, PMJM is against domestic violence.

“I am a Tari man who learnt not to beat up my wife. My brother or son, you can do it too.”

Press release